For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned
skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.

. . . Quote by Leonardo da Vinci over 400 years ago
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Homes and Hangars

Commercial Development
The runway will be between 4500 and 6000' long and paved. Taxiways will connect all hangar
and homesites. The runway will be aligned to the north and south on the east side of the north
end of the division. It will parallel the existing powerline running along east boundary of River
Falls.  Many considerations went into choosing this layout and placement. Concerns for traffic
patterns and noise were a big factor. Studies were done to consider the flow of aircraft around
the airport, trying always to seek a balance between airport users and other residents. The
giving aircraft the ability to turn east or west after takeoff to avoid most housing areas. With
the prevailing winds from the southwest, most landings can have approaches over open areas
far from most homes and businesses.
Roads will connect all the lots. Houses along the east side of the runway will enjoy a majestic
view of the canyons to the southeast. Convenient highway access is available off of the
Claude Highway.  The airport homes will be built to the same high standards set for all of River
Falls to protect the land and property values.

The River Falls Airport will be a source of pride and enjoyment for all residents, fliers and non-fliers alike!
Most families have members or friends who fly and own small aircraft. They need convenient and modern
airports to operate from. Proximity to these airports increases convenience and therefore land values. Growth
of our community brings need services and businesses.


Communities with their own airport are perceived as being upscale and high end.   Retirees and upscale
landowners need and desire convenient access to airports. Even middle income families are attracted to
upscale developments and an airport is just one addition that moves the development up that scale. Most
small aircraft are not owned by wealthy individuals, but by middle to high income couples.  More and more
people are flying in small aircraft and light jets these days as commercial air travel gets less desirable. These
aircraft need community airports near recreational areas.

Medical Transportation

Air ambulance companies need nearby airports for quick transportation of critical patients on medivac flights.
As the area grows, these needs will increase. All residents of River Falls understand the benefit of having a
nearby airport for these critical services.

County and Local Police Helicopters and Airplanes

Local law enforcement rely on nearby airports for their helicopters and search and rescue airplanes. Proximity
to the airport will allow quick response to area problems.

Fire and Disaster Protection

The River Falls Airport will become the focal point during disasters and weather emergencies, providing
needed runways and support equipment for fighting fires and organizing disaster relief. Our airport will
provide critical access if highways and roads become blocked by natural disasters.


Our airport will open the community to the world. It provides another mode of access to the B&B, homes and
recreational areas. The airport will appear in thousands of aviation databases and on charts. This brings more
recognition and respect to our community.


When a business decides to locate in areas, one of the first items looked at is the proximity  to major and local
airports. Air travel saves companies money and nearby airports are crucial to that. Decisions to locate a
business are based somewhat on local airport proximity. Charter companies look for nearby airports to bring
in their clients who are trying to save time and money. There is a saying that is appropriate here: “A mile of
highway gets you one mile, a mile of runway gets you the world!” Many business leaders recognize this.

Land Development

There is a demand for acreage bordering an airport for people that want to live near their own hangar. Other
local airports don’t have the acreage available and do not offer the amenities that can be offered at the Currie
Ranch or River Falls. Even non-fliers have friends and family that fly airplanes or charter aircraft and will use
the nearest airport.


Airports can bring jobs to an area. There are many spin-off businesses at an airport such as flight schools,
aviation maintenance shops, restaurants and light aviation-related manufacturing companies.  These
companies bring jobs and community growth. They also bring employees needing nearby homes and
recreation. Expanding our growth to this area of commerce gives us the resources to provide more amenities
to all River Falls residents.
Many commercial lots will be available for development. Potential business opportunities
companies and other aeronautical-related industries.
If you would like more information on the new River Falls Airport, please feel out the form below
and we will contact you.
The lots on the east side went fast and the west side is also now sold out. Work continues on the runway.
About 4500' are now paved and a lot of the taxiways are done. There are now 6 hangars complete and more
being planned. Phase 3 lots are now available on the grass runway and going fast.

Aerial Pictures - some aerial pictures of the airport

Airport Covenants - a PDF file of the airport covenants
Airport FAA Diagram - a PDF file of the FAA pilot diagram